Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thing 19 - Social Bookmarking

For me, tagging seems to be an amazing way to organize ALL of the many sites I have bookmarked on my computer.  It will be wonderful to "take" my bookmarks with me anywhere I go instead of constantly having to email the links to myself from home to school and vise versa.  Our district also reconfigures all of our computers every summer so we have to remember to save our bookmarks somewhere or we lose them.  I'd rather save them to and only have to save them one time.  I can see the disadvantages to tags though.  As the article talked about, we are amateurs after all, and if there isn't a "standard" for tagging it might be difficult to identify some sites others have tagged.  Hopefully people who are tagging read the 13 tips site and really think about the tags they are using so more people can find the sites they need.  Another disadvantage is having to remember that any tag you use on these sites can be viewed by anyone.  It's too easy to think you are alone on your computer and no one else can see what you are doing.  My motto, if you wouldn't tell it to your priest, you shouldn't type it on the internet :).

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