Friday, December 4, 2009

Thing 22 - Online Video

I think there is a lot more to YouTube than I originally thought.  I had pictured it to be lots of inappropriate videos, something I should keep my own kids away from.  After exploring it over the last year with my son, I've found it to be filled with all sorts of creative videos.  There are so many kids who have created amazing things, incorporating both video and animation along with music, on the site that it's hard not to get overwhelmed at the sheer volume.  Imagine what these same children could do at school if they were offered such an outlet.  

I've actually used a few videos from TeacherTube in my classroom and have plans to use another next week when I start my Christmas Around the World unit and on my classroom blog reminding children how to treat library books.  I think there are still videos out there that would be totally inappropriate for the classroom, but sticking to TeacherTube and SchoolTube still offers A LOT of materials to use.  Luckily for me, YouTube is not banned for teacher use in our building.

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