Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thing 10 -Create Your Own Wiki

At first, I had a tough time finding a wiki name that wasn't taken - that was the hardest thing. After that it was pretty easy. I tried both sites just to see which one would be easier to manage. I found the wikispaces to be easier to personalize but they were both easy to add and edit things. I discovered how to add video (from TeacherTube - what a cool site!!!) about taking care of your library books on my Good Books to Read wiki page to the PBWorks wiki. It was much easier to add video to than the wikispaces was. Since I've already set it up to have a good books to read list, I plan on sharing this with my students so they can add to it. The only thing I the students need email addresses and and account to access my wikis?

As an update, both sites have great support. Since I signed up for wikis on Sunday, I've gotten three emails from PBWorks and two from wikispaces giving me ideas on how to use wikis.

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  1. I have never heard of TeacherTube, so I checked it out. What a great resource that I plan on using with my band students. Many videos on music both modern, ball room style, and classic.