Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thing 7 AND 8 - RSS

I guess I got carried away with looking for feeds in Thing 7 and ended up covering Thing 8 too.

When I first started poking around looking at just the newsfeeds, etc. that you could "link" up to, I thought RSS would be a great thing for news "junkies" like my husband. I would have guessed that one of the best things about it was not having to scroll through all of the old information or ads to find what you are looking for. I would have said, however, that it wasn't for people like me who tend to avoid the news. I was totally wrong! I was able to find feeds to Teacher Magazine, reviews for children's books, education blogs, other teacher blogs, and a free technology blog (which of course I don't need because I'm taking this class :)). There are even a ton of feeds for things like recipes and home improvement! Now I'm actually excited to get my first posts sent right to me (MUCH better than sitting by the mailbox)! I found it easiest to go to Google Reader and type in subjects that interested me and then it was a piece of cake to look through related feeds to see if I wanted to subscribe. It also shows how many are already subscribed and how many posts you can expect to get a week on average so that helped me to "weed" out some too. Unfortunately, I think I'm hooked! :)


  1. Thanks for the info. Adding new feeds is my next step. I have some feeds for library and tech professionals that I follow. Now I plan to expand that.

  2. Great thoughts on how to use the RSS reader. One thing that will really help, is the use of folders in Google Reader.

    Take a look at the Google help on folders and you will see pretty quickly how it will help: