Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thing 17 - Web 2.0 Winners

I played with LOTS of sites but I'm writing about Pandora. Pandora is an internet radio site and was a first runner up in this year's awards. What I really liked about it was that it was very easy to set up music just by typing in groups I currently like. Pandora gives you a taste of all kinds of different groups and different songs that are similar to the ones you like and you can decide whether you like the suggested songs or not. I guess one of the things I liked the best about it is that I can continue to surf many other sites while my music plays on. This was a great motivator to keep searching! I can see using this in my classroom as both motivational music (I have a classroom FULL of singers and dancers this year!) as well as "writing" music, which I have always found difficult to find a variety of before. It also allows me to play the music the kids like without having to purchase tons of CDs as the times and music tastes change.


  1. Oh - if you want more music, try Musicovery and Grooveshark. They are similar to Pandora, but give you slightly different results.

  2. I enjoy Pandora too. I can't see much use for it on my job, but it's a fun site.

  3. I also wrote about Pandora. I currently have used Grooveshark and found it easy to use with a huge musical selection. Been listening to a lot of Latin music, big band, and jazz. Grooveshark has lots of obscure music that is hard to find on other music web-sites.