Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thing 16 - Teach Digital

All three videos struck a cord with me because my own child has a VERY difficult time learning in an analog environment. He would thrive in an alternative environment where the teachers think out of the box. I would LOVE to have his teachers watch these videos (especially Sir Ken Robinson) and see how much potential he really has. In my own classroom, I can identify quite a few students with the same issues as my son. Many of them have been assumed to have ADHD too because they can't just sit still and learn. It saddens me that this is the direction education seems to be going.

However, as much as I buy into the message and would love to embrace this technology concept and run with it, I also have "standards" I have to abide by and concrete lessons that need to be taught. This is truly a struggle for me as I hear what the kids are saying - and teachers are feeling - about no more testing, and we have a state that says if the kids don't pass the test, you don't get the money (and could lose your job!). It would be great to have the state buy into this concept and then maybe the teachers would be more willing (and able) to jump on board.

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