Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thing 11 - Google Docs

Google Docs is one piece of technology that I am already familiar with. My son's school required them to set up a google account and use Google Docs to do all of their written work in 5th grade so I was able to play around with it with him. I think it is a great way for kids to be able to continue written work at home without the risk of losing a notebook in the trek from school to home or back. There is also a very cool feature to Google Docs...the automatic save. The writing is continually saved throughout the typing so even if you forget to save, you don't lose what you've already done.

I can definitely see this kind of technology replacing MS Office because there are no compatibility issues, it works the same on any platform. It would also be a great tool for kids who don't have a computer at home but do visit the pubic library as it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The one downfall to Google Docs that I found was that there weren't the cutsie elementary fonts. You were limited to very basic ones, which for a paper is probably good anyway.

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