Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thing 14 - Podcasting

After reading the article about using podcasting in a university setting, I can definitely see the benefits, HOWEVER, I do not see it replacing going to class altogether. As I remember (a LONG time ago) back to my college career, there were many instances where I would look over my notes and realize that I had missed something important that a professor had said. If I had the podcast available, I could have gone back and replayed that part of the lecture, clearing up what I had missed the first time. As a visual/kinesthetic learner though, if I had to rely solely on podcasts, I would NOT be terribly successful. I think they do have their place as an addition to formal instruction.

I found quite a few podcasts to be very useful in the classroom. The first two I plan to use are from the Willow Radio Show and Storynory (an audio version of the story, Christmas in Iceland) on how Christmas is celebrated around the world. I will be teaching a unit identifying how other cultures celebrate the winter holidays after Thanksgiving and both of these would be a wonderful accompaniment to my unit ( and Another podcast I plan to use is from Mr. Croley's website on parts of speech. I think this will be so much more meaningful to my students since it is other students teaching the parts of speech, rather than just hearing it from me (

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